[ Daily Thoughts ] My kind of self-quarantine

New Stress

Starting today, I gave myself a challenge to write every morning in order to buy the time in this pandemic era. Suday morning I usually do some exercise like jog or cycling. Oh I have missed jog in my beloved botanical garden (Kebun Raya Bogor), feel the breeze and the silent nature. I have missed the trees, the fogs, the smells.. But now, it is safer to stay at home. I have plan to set up my dance carpet in exchange the exercise.

Almost a week I stayed at home due to COVID-19 pandemic together with my big families. My sisters also move to our house, her husband and her two little monsters (10yo and 2yo), because her house is being renovated. You can imagine how my day changes extremely because just right now, for example, I write this note with two little monsters run around me like carrousel which made my head spinning. I am experiencing different kind of stress and I don’t like it. I wonder if I don’t really like kids.. they are cute but…

I have no problem to do self-quarantine because I do almost everything alone. Since I urge to stay at home, not somewhere, I feel this situation quite unique. I can see my mom and dad every day, which is good. I see all my families all day but I feel strange. Actually I don’t mind to see all of them but I just feel strange. And it is might because now I could not travel to everywhere…made my brain stuck and high hope this pandemic will end shortly. But then what makes me realize that this situation is not as easy to pass, but I believe this too shall pass.

Oh wait.. I need to get some light breakfast.




Living in digital and loves to walk-run-hike-ride-and-dive!

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Living in digital and loves to walk-run-hike-ride-and-dive!

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